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What We Do!

Get the wheels and tires you want, any size, any finish, from stock fitments to lifted/leveled trucks and Jeeps! Fill out our custom vehicle quote form and we'll send you all the products that are currently available in your requested fitment.


Off Road Rim Financing specializes in perfect fitments for your stock, leveled, or lifted truck. In the trending lifted truck market we offer low monthly payments with zero down to get you rolling. Check out our huge selection of off road wheels and tires by filling out our custom vehicle quote form today. Our Fitment Specialists will get you the wheel and tire package you've always wanted. We have been selling wheels and tires for over 15 years. Trust the Leader in aftermarket fitment.


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Terms and Conditions:

Off Road Rim Financing LLC. is a matchmaker between customers and banks willing to offer financing or a lease program for wheel and tire packages. We operate  in compliance with state and local regulations relating to short term loans.

Upon approval (which is instant upon completing application) a sales representative will be contacting you to answer questions. You agree to be contacted by phone, email, or text message using information provided. You will always have the option of opting out of future contact.

By applying for our financing you agree to our terms and conditions.


Delivery is about 7-10 days once all the documents are finished unless product is back ordered which you will be notified immediately. Once shipped, shipping address can not be changed. Any damages or missing product needs to be notified on the Bill of Lading or shipping paperwork with the driver. If you cancel an order after it ships, you will be responsible for shipping outbound and back to us.


  • Test fit wheels and tires before installing and driving on them. Make sure there is nothing obstructing the wheel or tire from moving completely free without touching anything.
  • After installing wheel and tire package, make sure to torque to manufacture specifications in owners manual.
  • Re-Torque to specs after about 20-30 miles to ensure they don’t come loose.
  • Use lugs that are supplied with package, do not use an impact wrench. Tighten lug nuts in a progressive criss-cross pattern.
  • We are not responsible for wheels and tires that are not properly installed.

Custom Fitments for Modified Vehicles

Off Road Rim Financing LLC. is not responsible for over sized wheel and tire packages for lifted and modified vehicles. Some wheel and tire sizes require some trimming and lift or level kits. We offer advise on specialty fitments but do not take responsibility of installation or fitment of lift kits or wheel and tire packages.

Lift/Level Kit Disclaimer

Off Road Rim Financing LLC. sells the kits that are intended for a certified technician to install. We offer the manufactures warranty on all our products but do not cover shipping.

Return Policy

Once the tires have been mounted and balanced on the wheels and shipped to the customer, Under no conditions can the product be returned except in the rare case there is a legitimate defect or misfitment (Prior to driving on them). We are not responsible for shipping if a product needs to be replaced or returned.  Off Road Rim Financing LLC. offers all manufacture’s warranty to the respective wheel or tire brand. There is no return on special order products unless there is a legitimate defect with the manufacturing.