How It Works!


Start by filling out our Custom Vehicle Quote Form. Once you've done that one of our Fitment Specialists will email you a personalized list of wheel and tire options we offer in your requested fitment. Once you decide which products you're interested in let the Fitment Specialist helping you know and they will price you out on your package.



Credit Based Financing

  • Approval rates up to $3000
  • 12, 18, or 24 month loan terms
  • Instant Decision
  • It's best to get a price quote on the products you'd like before applying.
  • Easy approval process.

No Credit Needed Financing

  • Approval rates based off of the last 90 days of bank history rater than a traditional credit check.
  • Approvals up to $3000 with 12 month loan terms.
  • No payments due until your products are delivered.
  • Instant Decision, Easy & Fast Approval.
  • No interest due if your loan is payed in full within 90 days of delivery.
  • A $49 loan processing fee due at the time of signing.
  • Unfortunately we can no longer sell lift kits through our No Credit Needed lender.
  • The no credit needed program is not offered in the following states; WI, MN, VT, WY, & NJ.

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