Off Road Rim Financing LLC. is a matchmaker between customers and companies willing to offer financing or payment plans for aftermarket wheel and tire packages. We operate in compliance with state and local regulations relating to short term loans and lease agreements.

Upon approval (which is instant upon completing application) a sales representative will be contacting you to answer any questions. You agree to be contacted by phone, email, or text message using information provided. You will always have the option of opting out of future contact.

By applying for our credit based financing or no credit needed payment plan you agree to our terms and conditions.

Step 1: See how much you're approved for. Apply for our No Credit Needed Payment Plan or our Credit Based Financing.

Step2: Fill out our Custom Vehicle Quote Form. Once you receive your list of options from one of our Fitment Specialists and decide what products you would like to go with, let the Fitment Specialist helping you know the name, finish, and part numbers of the products.

Step 3: Contract. Finish up the process by signing the contract for your products. Once signed, your order will be processed and sent out for delivery. Wheel/Tire packages are shipped mounted and balanced with lug nuts. Accessories are shipped via UPS or FedEx for fast shipping.

No Credit Needed Payment Plan Through Progressive Leasing

  • Approval rates based off of the last 90 days of bank history instead of a traditional credit check.
  • Approvals up to $3,300 with 12 month terms.
  • No payments due until your products are delivered
  • Instant Decision, Easy & Fast Approval 
  • Early Buyout Options!

No Credit Needed Lending Requirements:

  • Must be 18 years old or older
  • Must have an SSN or ITIN
  • Must have a checking with routing number
  • Must have a credit or debit card
  • Unfortunately we can no longer sell lift kits through our No Credit Needed program.
  • The no credit needed program is not offered in the following states; WI, WY, MN, VT, & NJ.

Credit Based Financing Through GetFinancing

  • Approval rates up to $3000
  • 12, 18, or 24 month loan terms
  • Instant Decision
  • It's best to get a quote on products from us before applying.
  • Easy approval process.

Credit Based Financing Requirements:

  • A 600+ Credit Score.
  • First months payment is required at the time of signing.
  • At least 180 days minimum with your current employer.

GetFinancing offers many different lenders,

  • More lenders, means more approvals. Let the Banks and Lenders compete for your business. GetFinancing's credit search engine identifies in seconds the best financing offers available and presents you with the absolute best deal based on your credit profile.
  • GetFinancing's real time credit engine identifies, qualifies and approves consumers in just seconds for the best credit option available.